Sample Assignments

Conway Communications offers flexible, non-retainer services to meet the needs of each client. Here are a few examples of our work including addressing stand-alone issues and providing ongoing support.

Series A Financing


Developed press release that focused on near-in goals while also providing a lens into the Company's differentiated technology and broader potential.  This approach established competitive positioning as well as controlled expectations for the next business, operational and financial milestones. 

Pre-IPO Positioning


For a company considering an IPO, Conway Communications helped initiate the engagement process with the investor and financial communities about the business of the business, using appropriate metrics for external audiences, while practicing setting attainable goals. 

Quarterly Earnings Cycle


We routinely work with clients to prepare the quarterly narrative within the overall strategic message, as well as the release, script, Q&A and presentation. We also coordinate follow-up calls, manage interactions and ensure outreach to current and prospective investors. 

"Nuts & Bolts" IR Planning


We often begin work with a specific assignment, and are subsequently asked to develop an IR plan to provide a framework for maintaining control of the message given the daily barrage of opportunities and demands.  The structure of an IR plan includes key strategies, metric-driven goals, prioritization of conferences and NDRs, alignment with the appropriate member[s] of the management team and a look-ahead into how messaging will evolve based on operational plans.

Filling an Interim Role


One client approached us when the head of IR had departed, but the Company had not yet identified the right replacement.  Conway Communications "stepped in and stepped up," working alongside the CEO, CFO and finance team. We ensured a smooth process for the quarterly earnings cycle, and managed the conference schedule to provide timely announcements, updated presentations, and, most importantly, well-considered 1x1 schedules with appropriate backgrounders and notes.  The incoming IRO was most appreciative! 

Managing a Transaction


Conway Communications recently helped a client work through a spin-off of a division, including everything from ensuring the remaining company's website appropriately reflected only the ongoing business divisions, to working with the new company to stand up its IR program and IR website, with all supporting documentation and processes.